fibre art

I create ecologically-inspired fine art felts using the transformative process of wet felting applied to unspun wool, Kozo paper and silk. The process is rather like decorating and building a house at the same time. Newsfeeds about grim environmental impacts motivated my latest project -Habitat 2050. The collection of hand-molded 3d topographic felts invites dialog on restoration, recovery and regeneration of impacted habitats. I switch scales for the design of the undulatings surface from the 10000 foot aerial perspective to a highly magnified ground level view of habitats. My photographs of lichen and other lifeforms or patterns, blown up and printed on silk, become the surface features of the hills and valleys – a reminder of the unseen impact on ecosystems. Each felt comes with a short narrative, scientific reference, or a poetic musing to further spark dialog about how to move towards a more harmonious world.