Ever since I was a child  I have been fascinated by the force of nature and how it so quickly reclaims abandoned landscapes whether they are industrial, farmland or  manicured gardens. My paintings evolve from hiking into untamed wildreness, climbing over boulders, fighting my way through tangled brambles and tramping down new pathways through shoulder-high grasses. In every season these impressions forge impressions in my brain that later inspire oil, acrylic and mixed-media paintings. On site, I create studies of plant structures, layered vistas and light effects to be referenced later for details. Often the works are reminiscent of  Byzantine mosaics in Florence, Venice and Ravenna with their luminous reflective surfaces. The repeated markings forming light patterns are also influenced by Gustav Klimt. I invite the viewer to enter into my landscapes and experience layer upon layer of receeding planes, becoming mesmerized with the magic.