our history

Debbie Thompson Wilson Studio Tour Artist
debbie thompson wilson
pamela fielding
Our group was all female and as I recall, craft heavy.  We had me (I was a potter back then), Goldie Sherman, Melanie Column (potter), Nan Hogg, (painter) and Sharon Seibert was the instigator…I do believe the whole thing was her idea. If I recall correctly, Sharon was painting fabric back then. 
I remember we got together and made press kits and got the Mercury to publicize the event and feature artists. The press kits were exciting as we created invitations using glue guns which were also new back then. Other members in the early years included Gwen Hurst (weaver). 
Walter Zimochod was the first and only male member for quite a while. He’s a jeweller.  We met at people’s houses for quite a few years.  Joan Rentoul joined and then we used her studio for meetings. She had a book binding biz in a second floor studio downtown.
As for the details of the actual tour, I can’t remember anything. I used to have a downtown studio across from Market Fresh where there’s a computer repair shop now.  Market Fresh didn’t exist, it was an abandonded dairy building, I think!  
-eve geisler