Here is what we  need from you, if you would like to participate:
  • 5 items per artist, price, size (metric please) and medium 
  • you may include up to 4 other views of your piece, especially 3D work
  • minimum size 1000 pixels one side
  • A little blurb about the piece (saves me having to write copy).
  • Whether shipping is free, included or tbd.
  • HST (if you charge) to be included in the price for easier backend bookkeeping
Bumping up your price to cover shipping and then listing the item as FREE SHIPPING encourages purchases. 
When an artist makes a sale, we contact you via e-mail, to inform you of the item you’ve sold. Artists are responsible for delivery/shipping.
We take 10% for the tour as admin costs. Holly has agreed to be my CFO and keep us on the straight and narrow. 
Artists who sell on their own platform (or in person in their studio) do not need to pay 10% handling. It is strictly for sales through the art listed in the Tour Online Store.
After the sale period ends, i.e. October 31 2020, we tabulate sales and dispatch cheques, less the 10%.
I’d like to include an “affordable art” category, say art work less than $250.00, if possible, or something that will draw people in.
As the art sells, we can update with more items from that artist.
The online store is set up with a cart and checkout process built in. 
HST(if you charge it) should also be included in the listed price to streamline things for us on the back end.