Our artists

oil & wax

Oxanna is drawn to northern landscapes – regions that are less traveled, magnificent and wild.  Her abstractions tell a story of powerful places that lift the spirit and stir the soul.
Oxanna uses oil paint and cold wax medium to build layers from which shapes emerge and colours solidify. The result is always unpredictable and surprising, mirroring her travel experiences..

pastel, silkscreen

Leslie Miles is primarily a plein air, landscape painter who works in dry pastel.  Some of the plein air paintings are reinterpreted on canvas with acrylic and silkscreen paint.  Recently she has been experimenting in a series she calls her ‘Zen Abstractions’.


Shape, colour, line, materiality of paint and the myriad ways that they can interact are the jumping off points for my painting explorations. I truly think of painting as a dedicated practice, one that I must return to as often as possible to feed my artistic curiosity and my soul. Endless fascination and dedication to remaining present in each moment fuel my quest to express what is, at first, intangible.

oil on canvas

Whether it is a rocky Georgian Bay shoreline, large flowers rendered in studio or the morning sun through her kitchen curtains in Guelph, it is shadow and highlight on shapes that define her work.


Deborah Dryden works in both hot and cold wax to express her visual voice. Building up, embedding in and scraping back layers encourages endless possibilities.


I find my inspiration in the everyday, the natural and the manufactured world around me; where the banal intersects with the extraordinary. I am passionate about colour, line and form. Communication and connection are the base of my work and the reason I create. 


Whether creating portraits in oil on canvas, charcoal on paper, or fired in clay, my aim is to present a true likeness, and a sense of the inner qualities of the subject. I am fortunate to be able to pursue my passion and meet fascinating people in the process.


Debbie Thompson Wilson looks to medieval manuscript illuminations for inspiration for her miniatures. She works with watercolour, gouache and gold leaf on vellum to create the effects of historical manuscript painting.

acrylic impasto
I work in acrylic impasto with thickly applied paints and gels. Using palette knives, thick material is laid down, stroke by stroke until the finish.
Guiding the texture of the surface is very important to me. As simple as it sounds, my subjects are images that I find very beautiful.
ceramics, mised media

Alert to discovery, artist Goldie Sherman sees herself as a creative participant in a continually unfolding and playful universe. She seeks the mystical in the material, whether it be clay or mixed media. Her artwork celebrates colour, form, words and soul. Experience the diversity of her work and the feel the passion..


Dawn Anderson Vaughan enjoys capturing everyday moments, and bringing them to life in pastel. Her inspiration comes from many places, including the beaches and lakes of Ontario, travels, and children playing.


I am a printmaker, primarily involved in engravings, who lives in Guelph, Ontario. In the past the large portion of my work was landscape related, rural Ontario and the Georgian Bay, and North, areas. I find myself turning towards more abstract work now


Eric Allen Montgomery utilizes found, altered, and created STUFF to celebrate events, interpret themes, or to tell stories, real or imagined. Form and Function, Reality and Myth, combine with the expertise of a Craftsperson, aesthetic and philosophical explorations of an Artist, and the wit and whimsy of a Story Teller.

mixed media

Nancy Farrell is a painter who works with abstract landscape and pure abstraction.  She works in acrylic and mixed drawing media on canvas, paper and board.

paper collage

Mary is an award-winning artist. Her art was greatly influenced by beautiful mosaics while studying in Florence, Italy. Mary “paints with paper.” Piece by piece, paper on paper through process and exploration the images evolve into a unique interplay of textural and colourful originals.


Barbara Bryce works with glass beads, unusual found objects and wire to create bright window jewellery that makes you smile. She delights in giving found objects a new life, allowing them to sparkle in the morning sunshine and glow the evening lamp light.

paper collage

Dennis Gaumond is also a musician, author and songwriter and has been painting for about thirty years. His latest line uses painted tissue on canvas in a non-representational, abstract style that emphasizes color relationships and texture. It is important for Gaumond to maintain a joyful, intuitive, heart-centered painting process.

ceramic jewelry

Iris Dorton makes a full range of contemporary tableware and handcrafted silver and porcelain jewellery at Blue Iris Studios, her downtown studio and showroom.

acrylic, oil, watercolour

Although Grazyna Adamska is both a figurative and an abstract painter, portraiture constitutes a considerable part of her art.  Her portraits capture well the mood and individual nature of the person being portrayed.

fibre art, sculpted lamps

patti collins

Patti Collins creates as she breathes! She embraces vibrant colour combinations to emphasize line in all her designs marrying a variety of medium to express emotion. Each piece declares a dynamic and imaginative story reaching out. Her work with ‘Trip the Light Fantastic!’ has travelled and adorned homes, galleries, and businesses across Canada, Portugal, and Spain.


Jessica Masters is a landscape and figurative painter working in oil paint and soft pastel.She teaches workshops in both mediums and exhibits in gallery and exhibitions throughout Ontario. Jessica has her Fine Art Degree from the University of Guelph and is a signature member of the Pastel Artists of Canada.

felted art

Toys made from re-purposed wool, based on Earth’s delightful creatures.  Individually handmade to promote imaginative play and cheerful companionship.

mixed media printmaking

Margaret Peter is a painter and printmaker who creates abstract and landscape acrylic paintings on canvas and paper. Her original prints are etchings or watercolour monotypes.


Holly Atkinson is a mixed media artist who sculpts in bronze, winterstone and gypsums. She also creates unique tiles made of hydrostone in various themes and colours. Her work is contemporary and one of a kind.

encaustic, mixed media

Julia’s new work plays adds layers of whimsy, colour and storytelling onto our urban environment. Working in the luxurious encaustic medium, these real and imagined journeys connects with our shared realities, inspiring reflection and further investigation.

Julia offers encaustic workshops in her studio here in Guelph


Juliet works in stoneware clay. Her pieces are handbuilt, using slabs of clay. They are whimsical expressions of joy. Each item is one of a kind, decoration is key to her making.


Helen Hoy is an oil painter who focuses on landscapes, and especially the surfaces of water. She moves between the precision of brush work and the looser, impasto textures of knife work.


Josef Kratochvil is a visual artist who creates landscapes, figurative and abstract art  mostly in oil and acrylic.


When it comes to Paul Szewc’s woodwork, his philosophy is, “the crazier the better.” He has created mini jewellery boxes which he has affectionately dubbed “wonky.


Janette Hayhoe’s oil paintings focus on the ‘everydayness’ of contemporary life. Images of familiar objects and spaces have the power to evoke memory and psychological responses that call our attention to what is often overlooked. The fall of light on an object or space both describes and transforms the mundane. 

watercolour, pastel, photogrsphy

Pamela Fielding works in watercolour, pastel and photography exploring striking textures in Canadian urban and wilderness environment. She offers instruction in watercolour, drawing and crafts in her studio in downtown Guelph.

acrylic, mixed media

Vickie Martin is a visual artist who creates non-objective abstracts and abstract landscapes using acrylic mediums such as molding paste, granular gel, copper and mylar. These ideas come from dreams and meditation.

oil, acrylics

Scott Abbott is primarily a landscape painter who works both on location and on larger pieces in the studio.  He works in oils and acrylics.

fibre art

Sonia is a wearable art designer, having formerly sold her work under the name of Gypsy Moth Designs. Alternatively she is also a fibre artist creating unique and unusual 2D and 3D works of art.


Kerry makes keepsake boxes, serving trays and charcuterie boards using both local and exotic woods. One of his specializations is working with clients to make customized cremation urns.

dot painting

KM Advocate, Mindfulness trainer, Artist